The fee to file Marriage Intentions is $30.00
Certified Marriage License copies are $10.00
Intentions may be filed in any Town Clerk's office in Massachusetts for Massachusetts weddings.
Both parties must be present with photo ID when filling out the Marrigae Intentions.
- Come prepared with the correct spellling of parents names in full, including middle names.
- Applicants must provide the chosen surname (last name) to be used after marriage.
Waiting Period
There is a mandatory three (3) day waiting period from the date Intentions are filed and the date the license can be issued.

Legal Impediments
Individuals must be 18 years of age and not blood related.  Certain relationships are prohibited by Massachusetts statute and others may be prohibited by statutes where the party resides or intends to continue to reside.

The license is only good for 60 days from the date you file your Intention.

A permanent Record of Marriage is maintained by the community where intentions were filed, as well as Vital Records of Boston.