online activation
Section 4 Activation  
Follow these steps to activate your permit daily:

Click on the link in the email you received regarding your approved permit request.

If you don't have access to the email, follow step below.

(Note: – Go to and login to your online permit account.)
Step 1- Click the "mygeoTMSWeb" option


Step2 – Click on the tab “Applications and Permits” (if not already selected) to view a list of applications and permits. You should see your approved Open Air Burning permit.


You may see a red status message instead of a blue activation link. Typically this means that activation is not allowed for today or it’s too late in the day to activate. Activations are between the hours of 9‐Noon


 Step 3 – The activations tab will then be displayed showing a successful activation.

Congratulations, you are done with this session.