Online Register
Section 1 Registration  
Follow these steps to become a registered user:
Please Note: You should only register once. If you have previously used GeoTMSWeb then you may continue to use the same username and password. Just click “login” instead of “register”.
Step 2 - Click register in the top right hand corner.


Step 3 – The next web page will be the actual registration form where you’ll fill in all your pertinent information. Please fill in all the fields, keep a copy of your user name and password for later use.  
Don’t forget to check the “Click here if Contractor” box if you are registering as a contractor. There are additional features available to Contractor users. Contractors may apply for permits on behalf of residents and/or homeowners. Typically contractors will be applying for construction type permits (such as building electrical and plumbing) and all need to register with the town (to submit license and insurance information). In most cases you will not register as a contractor if you'll be applying for permits related to your own property and for which you'll be doing the work (such as an open air burning permit or building permit for a deck that you'll be building yourself).

Step 4 -Click submit when done.

After you click submit, an email will automatically be sent to the email address you specified.

You'll get a confirmation  e-mail message back on the registration webpage if your registration process was successful. At this point go to anytime you'd like.

If you have any problems at all with this registration process GeoTMS support will be happy to help you – just click the GeoTMS online chat feature.

Congratulations, you are done with this session.