Appointed Boards/Committees
Appointment to Boards/Committees:
The majority, other than elected posts, are appointed by the Board of Selectmen; although there are some cases where the committee members are appointed by the Town Moderator. A resume or letter of interest describing the person's background and interests is beneficial to the Board in making the various appointments. This procedure takes place in the month of June and early July yearly. (Appointed positions are listed in the Annual Town

Notice of Vacancy:
Under General Laws a person must notify the Town Clerk in writing of a vacancy in any form, and as a matter of courtesy they should also notify the Board of Selectmen and the pertinent Chairman of the committee. Under General Law, a vacancy on an elected Board /Committee is filled by a joint appointment of the remaining members of the committee and the Board of Selectmen. Such appointment is until the next Annual Town Meeting.

A vacancy on an appointed Board/Committee is usually filled in the following manner:

1. Board of Selectmen accept resignation or announce vacancy

2. Board of Selectmen request letters of interest

3. Board of Selectmen may hold interviews with interested persons

4. Board of Selectmen makes appointment to fill vacancy for rest of unexpired term.