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Selectmen Minutes April 5, 2004
The weekly meeting of the Board of Selectmen was held on Monday evening, April 5, 2004 at 7:35 p.m.
Present: James M. Hardy, Chairman; Eric W. Greene, Clerk; David L. Walsh
George Samia, Town Administrator
Karen Grabau, Adm. Assistant
John Stuebing, Town Counsel
Finance Committee members: Peter Hamilton, Robert Coulter, Eric Glaas, John Margie
Mr. Greene as the East Bridgewater member of the Southeastern Regional Vo-Tech School Committee introduced Supt. James Hager, who in turn introduced Miss Kathryn Shannon, a student at that school and a resident of East Bridgewater.
Mr. Hager informed the Board of Kathryn’s many accomplishments as a member of SKILLS USA VICA as a national officer, Vice-President, for the New England area and her scholastic record at the school. It was announced that Kathryn has received notification that she has received a full tuition scholarship to Johnson and Wales College for a full four years.
Mr. Greene presented Kathryn with a citation from the House of Representatives for her designation as Outstanding Student of the Year for S.E. Regional.
Beverly Fanning and Edith Imlach members of the Senior Center Building Committee met with the Board for an update on fund raising.
Mrs. Fanning explained that they committee has sent letters to all town businesses relative to donations for the center. Gene Ortenzi has offered an initial pledge and matching funds up to $10,000. Noted that the committee meets the 1st and 3rd Thursday at the COA Office.
M/Greene, s/Walsh, a unanimous vote, move to approve the appointment of Marilyn Johnson as a member of the Historical Commission for the period of April 5, 2004 to June 30. 2007.
M/Greene, s/Walsh, a unanimous vote, move to approve the request of Frank Ray for Boy Scout Troop 29 for use of the Town Hall parking lot on June 12, 2004 from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. for a Bottle and Can Drive.
M/Greene, s/Walsh, a unanimous vote, move to approve the transfer of the Gas Storage License from O’Connell Oil Associates to Malek Realty Inc., 156 Main Street, Buzzards Bay.
M/Greene, s/Walsh, a unanimous vote, move to approve the request of the Class of 2005 to use the Town Common on May 7, 2004 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. for the Junior Prom Grand March.
Staff Report
1. Special and Annual Town Meeting warrants have been sent to Frank Savino and Town Counsel for review.
Town Administrator Report
Budget Process – met with Marcia Weidenfeller, Town Clerk; Dorothy Richardson, Asst.
Town Accountant; Karen Grabau, Adm. Assistant; Cathy Johnson, Senior Clerk; Frank Savino, Town Treasurer to review process for town meeting, time lines, etc.
Mr. Hardy reported that he had received a letter from Habitat for Humanity who are looking at possibility of using the Northville School property for a new house.
Board of Selectmen -2- April 5, 2004
Board met with John DiNapoli, Regional Engineer for Allied Waste, Inc/BFI and Jim Lawrence and Ted Nirrar.
Also present were:
Planning Board members: Roy Gardner, Richard Flaherty, Larry Morris, Steve Belcher
ZBA member, Jerry Hartman
John Delano, Engineer
Frank Savino, Treasurer/Collector
Fire Chief, Ryon Pratt
Police Chief, John L. Silva
Highway Surveyor, John Haines
Veterans Agent/Moderator, Peter Spagone
School Committee members, Theresa McNulty, Jane Curley, Lisa Forbes
Building Inspector, Robert Lundberg
Asst. Building Inspector, Edward Gardner
Board of Health member, John Keefe
Roy Gardner, Planning Board member noted that a quorum of Planning Board members was present at meeting.
Mr. DiNapoli noted BFI’s previous community partnership with East Bridgewater, the various community activities that they were associated with, etc. Also explained the gas to energy plant now in operation at the Thatcher Street site and how it works.
Presented their plan to reopen Thatcher Street landfill; would be a “state of the art” double composite lined landfill; area would be on the southern end of the site and would overlay Section 2; minimum of 4 years to fill; 15 acres parcel to be utilized; would require a rezoning article. Explained the permitting process.
The following was submitted as a host community agreement offer:
1. Host Community Fee $6.00 per ton; possible annual benefit of $2,300,000 per year
2. Host Community Fee of $2.00 per ton for non-native material used as cover; annual benefit of $300,000 per year
3. Continue free Refuse Collection and Disposal Program; approximately $600,000 to $700,000 value
4. Sponsor one Hazardous Waste Collection Day per year; $25,000 value
5. Financial support of a Town Engineer to oversee operations; $25,000 value
6. Finance support of independent consultant, hired by town, to evaluate project and report to town; not to exceed $25,000.
A discussion was held regarding monitoring done at site now; gas to energy plant functions; landfill liner system; truck routes.
Mr. Hardy noted that the board has been forced to look at ways to generate funds for town; felt obligated to look at all avenues, including reopening of landfill; felt there was a need to offer options to voters.
A discussion was held as to the process and various town and state boards, which will be involved in the permitting process.
An Elm Street resident stated his concerns regarding traffic and odors and problems residents had when landfill was open previously.
Board of Selectmen -3- April 5, 2004
Mr. Hardy noted that there were many areas to be addressed regarding the proposal. Thank those present for their input and for attending the meeting.
Open Forum
No one was present.
Mr. Hardy reported to the Board that he had met with the Financial Team last week and explained that they have identified additional revenue and how that revenue will be distributed. Requested that April 12 be allotted to discuss budget and review options. Mr. Samia will request reports from Boards/Committee as to how they will use additional funds allotted to them.
Town Counsel, John Stuebing introduced Mr. Dana Huff, Tighe & Bond Engineering. Explained that Mr. Huff works on landfill issues and has over 23 years experience in solid waste.
Mr. Huff presented a proposal for engineering consultant work relative to landfill issues. Board agreed to look over proposal and discuss at next week’s meeting.
Atty. Stuebing noted that his firm has worked with Mr. Huff on several landfill issues.
Mr. Hardy thanked the Department Heads for their efforts over last three years and for all their assistance and communication during his tenure as Chairman this year. Stated that he was looking forward to a second term; noted that there was still a lot of work to accomplish.
M/Greene, s/Walsh, move to close Open Session and go into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing pending litigation and will not be returning to Open Session.
VOTE: Yes – Walsh, Greene, Hardy; a unanimous vote in favor.
Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.
Board of Selectmen

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